Issue 8 | Evaluating and monitoring operations

Monitoring the actual consumption is a prerequisite for the application of an incentive system to motivate the TOC to apply all feasible operational measures in order to save energy. In some cases modernisation investments may even be induced.

The intention of including an incentive system is to complement the price signals from the energy market. An appropriate monitoring system provides the necessary data for

  • identifying potentials for improvement (joint effort of PTA, TOC and IM);
  • better calculations of reference values, including standard costs for energy consumption, for future tenders or contracts;
  • reporting about the environmental effects of the railways (including CO2 emission).

To facilitate the monitoring, the rolling stock should be equipped with energy metering systems. When the introduction of an incentive system is intended, reference levels should be calculated. The main options for a TOC to improve the energy efficiency of its operations are eco-driving, improved parked-train mode, and maintenance (see separate issues1).

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