Issue 9 | Priority technologies and operational measures

The analysis of promising technologies and operational measures is relevant for PTAs for the following purposes:

  • Estimation of potentials for reducing energy consumption;
  • Knowledge about costs, reliability and implementation time;
  • Decisions about timetables and infrastructure investments that may be related to the analysed technologies or operational measures;
  • Inclusion in award procedures in certain cases.

Despite the prominent relevance of direct performance indicators it might be reasonable to require or encourage specific technologies or operational measures in the following cases:

  • If the effects of the respective technology/operational measure are not covered by the direct indicator (e.g. kWh / seat km);
  • To ensure a certain level of energy efficiency;
  • Because of interdependence with the infrastructure;
  • To boost the innovation process.

The ECORailS project identified eleven priority technologies and operational measures for improved energy efficiency. Nine of them are highlighted in the Guidelines while the remaining two technologies (addressing the energy supply infrastructure) are presented in Deliverable 8 ("Final Technological Overview").

In particular, technologies for recovering and storing braking energy, and energy-efficient driving should be used for rail passenger operations.

The ECORailS pilot application in Romania integrated several additional technological features that can be seen in the respective paragraphs (text modules) of Annex M-4.

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