Issue 1 | EE/ENV criteria in awarding procedures

  • Political relevance
  • Options and instruments
  • Types of awarding procedures
  • Legal questions

Public Transport Administrations (PTAs) play a key role today when it comes to improving the quality and environmental performance of passenger rail transport. The railways are one of the most environment-friendly means of passenger transport. Modal shift towards rail transport can be an appropriate measure for reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, pollutants and noise. The inherent advantages of rail transport are most prominent in terms of energy efficiency. However, the railways have not yet fully exploited their potential for increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Criteria referring to energy efficiency, exhaust pollutants and noise can be used in all major types of awarding procedures - competitive tendering, direct awarding and in-house provision. European law explicitly encourages the use of environmental criteria in public procurement procedures provided that some basic principles are respected. The main instruments are binding requirements, weighting/scoring schemes, and incentives.

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