Campus ECORailS

Who is actually in the driving seat in the railway business?

Do you think you know all the ins and outs of the rail system? And you know that rail's environmental advantages lie somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle between train operating companies, passenger transport authorities and manufacturers? Now you can test your knowledge! If you can easily answer all the questions in our quiz then you are beyond our help.

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But if you want to know more about the parameters that impact energy efficiency then the advanced level of the CAMPUS ECORAILS is just right for you!

The target group for the training elements of the "Campus” are all persons working in the management units of the PTAs who have awarding procedures in the scope of their work as well as those persons (including consultants) working on the side of the TOCs or rolling stock suppliers who will have to respond to the tenders and quote requests of the PTAs.

The Campus ECORailS mainly consists of a training module and 12 issues (lessons). You'll find all relevant information about these issues, including presentations, extracts from the ECORailS Guidelines, background information and text modules that might otherwise be hidden in remote sub-chapters of project documents:

  1. EE/ENV criteria in awarding procedures
  2. Why should a PTA consider energy efficiency and CO2 emissions although energy costs are supposed to be paid by the TOC?
  3. Strategy, mid-term innovation, defining the award project
  4. Main types of specifications
  5. Direct performance indicators
  6. Reference level of consumption and service profiles
  7. Evaluating rolling stock
  8. Evaluating and monitoring operations
  9. Priority technologies and operational measures
  10. LCC analysis
  11. Pollutants
  12. Noise

Furthermore, a Glossary and a compilation of relevant European law, norms and bodies are available.