Issue 11 | Pollutants

When a PTA is preparing an awarding project that includes non-electrified lines, the relevance of exhaust pollutants (mainly particulate matters and nitrogen oxides (PM and NOx)), the present situation, and the potentials for improvement should be assessed. Under certain circumstances, pollutants from diesel operations should be given a relatively high weighting in the awarding project

From 1st January 2012 onwards, all newly procured diesel locomotives and DMUs within the EU must fulfil the limit values of Stage IIIB of the Directive 2004/26/EC. The same applies to new motors that are used for re-engining.

If exhaust pollutants are relevant for the PTA, it must find an appropriate balance between requiring very high standards and allowing existing vehicles with lower standards to be used.

Air Quality Planning in accordance with EU Directive 2008/50/EC may require faster progress in terms of PM and NOx reduction than induced by the regulations for the authorisation of new engines.

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