Issue 3 | Strategy, mid-term innovation, defining the award project

Energy efficiency and environmental (short: EE/ENV) specifications should be embedded within a more general strategy for environmentally-aware awarding of rail services. Strategic issues include, among other things:

  • environmental targets for the transport policy
  • clear financial relations between government and the railway sector
  • quality of infrastructure
  • timetable issues and
  • noise abatement.

Although innovation is necessary in order to achieve the best energy efficiency, it is not likely that major technological improvements will be achieved by simply adding some ambitious specifications to the tender documents. Therefore, complementary instruments to trigger the innovation process should be applied.

Even during the definition phase of an actual award project should consideration be given to EE/ENV issues. The configuration of networks, lots and timetables as well as vehicle concepts and comfort requirements usually have substantial influence on the energetic and environmental performance of the operations. Furthermore, the analysis of the current situation, potentials, and the definition of targets in terms of energy consumption, CO2-emissions, exhaust pollutants and noise are pre-requisites for the successful application of environmental criteria.

[The text modules from the pilot applications that are presented here do not provide a comprehensive view. Strategic considerations and the definition phase of the ECORailS pilot applications are documented in Deliverable D 14 "Pilot Applications".]

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